Bed and Stretcher Maintenance

Manufacturers recommend maintenance to be done on the beds and stretchers at least once a year. This rarely happens in the busy hospital environment.

The lack of maintenance results in problems occurring on the floor, usually while the bed is in use. In these cases the patient must be transferred to another bed causing unnecessary hardship on the patient as well as requiring time and energy (not to mention back strain) from the nursing staff. The bed then is out of service until engineering staff has time to diagnose the problem, order parts and repair.

The life span of the equipment is also shortened when maintenance is neglected. The lubrication on the moving parts dry out over time and then the metal on metal pivot points start to wear as well as causing the motors to work much harder and burn out sooner. It is also more cost effective to make sure items are in top shape before the manufacturers warranty expires as replacement parts are expensive.

Regular maintenance keeps the equipment in top working order, reducing wear and tear on the equipment as well as on the people using the equipment. Pushing a bed around with a 250 lb patient in it is difficult enough without having to fight with bad tracking or wheels that do not roll as easily as they should. If the brakes on the bed are not working properly they can cause patient injury from falls as they try to get out of bed.

Another benefit of regular maintenance is the cleaning of the interior of the bed. This is one area of the bed that is never cleaned. I have found a rather disturbing variety of things inside the bed ranging from food particles to used bandages and toy cars. An interior cleaning with hospital approved disinfectant wipes is part of the Mediquip maintenance program.

The Mediqup maintenance program can be tailored to your specific needs, including repair work, work done during off peak times, and equipment maintenance and repair tracking to fit with your established methods.

Other items repaired/ serviced:

  1. Wheelchairs
  2. Room furnishings
  3. Walkers

Advantages to regular maintenance of equipment:

  1. Identify and fix problems before they result in equipment downtime
  2. Infection control
  3. Allow timely and low impact repairs
  4. Lessen staff injuries due to twisting and pushing awkwardly while moving equipment
  5. Increase usable life of equipment for considerable savings
  6. Increase patient satisfaction with properly functioning equipment
  7. Ensures equipment is in top shape before warranty expiration

What a maintenance visit consists of for bed:

  1. Check power cord and plug for cut, breaks or looseness and ground wire continuity check
  2. Measure electrical leakage
  3. Test all positions to limits to ensure proper functions
  4. Check bumpers
  5. Check CPR releases and adjust if required.
  6. Check auxiliary outlets and night light (if applicable)
  7. Clean and service casters for proper tracking and rolling
  8. Check and adjust brakes and steering
  9. Check footboard wiring and connectors
  10. Check entire bed for mechanical and structural integrity
  11. Check all siderails for proper operation (electrical and physical) and lube
  12. Clean, inspect and lubricate the head, knee and hilo drive screws (on models so equipped)
  13. Inspect pivot points and lubricate (if applicable)
  14. Check and correct fluid levels (if applicable)
  15. Check all accessible wires and hoses for cuts, nicks, frays and leaks.
  16. Clean and wipe interior bed surfaces
  17. Tagging and documentation


What a maintenance visit consists of for stretchers:

  1. Check and adjust operation of siderails and lubricate
  2. Check and adjust brake/steering functions
  3. Check and lubricate all pivot points
  4. Check and adjust hydraulics
  5. Check push handle functions
  6. Check entire stretcher for mechanical and structural integrity
  7. Tagging and documentation



Please contact me to discuss your facility’s needs and to request a quote.

References available on request.

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May 2021