Facilities managers are well aware of the challenges associated with bed and stretcher maintenance.

All patients receiving care spend time in a bed or stretcher — and their safety and comfort is critical.

Accreditors want documentation of your maintenance program for beds and stretchers—and that places additional demand on resources that are already stretched.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that addresses all of those challenges in a flexible, cost-effective, and compliant manner. This service enables you to improve — and document — your program for bed and stretcher maintenance through a flat-rate pricing plan without a contract.

Giving you a comprehensive program for repair and preventative maintenance, Mediquip enables you to keep equipment on the floor and in use — instead of in the shop awaiting repair.

Your nursing staff will be delighted by the improved availability and useability, while your administrators will appreciate your attention to patient safety and cost savings.


Service Features and Benefits

A flexible, cost-effective approach. Mediquip is the lowest cost solution on the market. Per bed pricing eliminates costing guesswork. You only pay for the preventative maintenance and repairs that you require. You also can choose the on-site schedule that meets your needs – weekly, monthly or any combination that will work best for your facility.

Our technicians have the technical expertise and manufacturer training to keep your beds and stretchers in good working condition.


Preventive Maintenance includes:

•Preventive service and adjustments

•A detailed report on each piece of equipment inspected including inspection steps performed and observations regarding equipment

•Detailed follow up service letter for immediate service requirements

•Detailed follow up service letter to maintain equipment in good working order


Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a proactive way for medical institutions to:

•Implement effective Risk Management

•Optimize equipment performance by maintaining equipment in good working order

•Reduce untimely breakdowns resulting in costly rescheduling and inefficient use of medical staff resources


A proper preventive maintenance program results in:

•Reduced maintenance and overall surgical department costs

•Better use of in house maintenance and surgical department recourses

•Higher volume of patient procedures performed with a higher level of service

•Prolonged lifespan of customer equipment


Flexible Preventive Maintenance Plans

•Plans can be tailored based on customers unique requirements

•Combined preventive maintenance and service plans are available

•See the service page for more information on combination plans

•Please contact Mediquip for details on options and pricing

•Accreditation support and compliance

•Multi-vendor support (Hill Rom & Stryker and others)

•Risk mitigation (patient and employee safety)



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